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Digital Product Policy

Welcome to Market Square Nigeria - Buy and Sell Marketplace 


Congratulations for signing up to the Market Square seller account, where your business success is our concern. 

This brief policy is to make you understand our terms and conditions about selling digital product on our website. Every seller is eligible by default to publish any digital product. 

Therefore you agree to these terms if you decide to upload digital files and product here. There are two kinds of product types to publish here, it includes free and paid products. For your free products, you are not charged for if. 


We charge a 24% product fee + 14% tax - for a minimum product sales of 10. 

We charge a 24% product fee + 7% tax - for sales above 10. 



You are qualfied to recieve payment once your minimum treshhold of #5,000 is reached. 

To recieve your payment, write us at billing@marketsquare.ng and state your email address, product name and bank account details. 


NB: Payments are processed and sent within 4-7 business days.

Do you have more questions? Contact us