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Premium services are categorized! 
Growing supply and competition in some categories inspired us to design categorized Premium Services.

Now the price is fair for all Market Square sellers!

Price depends on category you want to be promoted in. Shoes sellers shouldn’t have the same price for promotion as auto dealers, because of higher demand and price of products in auto category.

So the supply and demand are the new price regulators at marketsquare.ng.


Top Ads Promo
TOP packages are the best choice if you want to push certain ads to the top of page and get 15x clients.
Recommended for sellers with up to 5 adverts.

Boost plans
Step up your sales with Premium Services, the most powerful tools for sellers.
Boost package is a great solution to promote all your ads for more than a month.

Boost Packages features

  • Promotion in search results and categories
  • We place your boosted ads on the first page
  • Boosted ads get up to 10x times more views in search results and categories.
  • A yellow background makes your ad visible for more clients, responses, and sales.
  • Boosted ads are also shown up under Top Ads and are promoted in Trending Ads section.



Auto-renew feature   


  • We show boosted ads even higher with auto-renew feature. You don’t need to spend your time on renewing ads, we do that automatically for you.
  • Unlimited posting ads in all categories
  • There are some restrictions in posting ads for free in Vehicles, Real Estate, Jobs categories, but Boost package allows to post unlimited ads.
  • SMS notifications on new messages
  • Even if you are not logged into your Market Square profile, you never miss new messages from the clients as we will send you SMS notifications each time someone contacts you.
  • The best marketing tools: email and social media promotion
  • We send and post Boosted ads with higher priority, so you have access up to 3 millions of Market Square registered users.
  • Personal manager assistance
  • Personal manager is always ready to answer all your questions and help with all your issues.
  • Website URL on Boost VIP package
  • Drive buyers directly to your site and make it visible on your seller's page.
  • The more advanced package you have, the more views you get and visitors you attract.
Top Ad is the best way to draw maximum clients to your ad.
1. Place your ad in prime position so you can boost your sales fast
2. Up to 15x times more views than free ads.
3. Display your ad in the Top Ad section of its category for 7 days.
About Multiple TOP Ads Promo
Multiple Top is your solution for winning. Be one step ahead of other TOP sellers using multiple TOPs on one advert. Press “Top Ad” (2X TOP, 3X TOP…) on the advert you want to promote.
The more tops you use on one advert, the more clients you get.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us. 
Do you have more questions? Contact us